A Festive Tradition at Alpine Resorts. With origins as a house specialty of resorts in Austria's Dachstein and Ennstal Alps, Lauria Alpensahne (Alpine Cream) is today prized by those seeking out natural and distinctive local products as part of their fine dining or alpine resort experience. Produced for generations in small batches with only the finest all-natural ingredients, authenticity is its hallmark.

Dairy from Small Family Farms of the Ennstal Valley. Lauria uses only the fresh cream and alpine milk of an Ennstal valley cooperative dairy with approximately 1400 small family farms. The Ennstaler farmers take great pride in the rich and flavorful milk from their free-range cows, which are nourished with only grass and alpine herbs. The Ennstal milk and cream is used in a variety of local and export delicacies.

Delicate Pear Taste and Texture. The Williamsbrand (a Pear Williams eau-de-vie, 100% distilled) provides a smooth spirits base to the rich cream, complemented by a light pear texture that reveals a depth of mountain pear flavors with each roll of the tongue. Six different regional pear varieties are used: Gute Luise, Kaiser Alexander, Packhams, Conference, Williams, und Abate Fedel.

Sharing the Experience. Lauria is traditionally served alone chilled, though today is enjoyed in a variety of presentations and cocktails.

What a Label Won't Tell You. The name Lauria has its origins in the old Roman principality Lauriacum at the head of the Ennstal Valley, today the town of Enns. The timeless recipe of Lauria Alpensahne is also known and sold as "Kletzenlikör" in Austria, where it is also the key ingredient to Kletzenbrot, a popular and traditional holiday cake.

16% alcohol by volume, 750ml
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